FI4 854 C IX HA
FI4 854 C IX HA

FI4 854 C IX HA

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Principales caractéristiques
Type de four: Multifonction
Modèle et performances
Type de four : Multifonction
Cavity number : 1.0
FEATURE_15-ClasseEfficienzaEnergetica_LAB : A+
Energy consumption : 0.0
Ampérage (A) : 16.0
Heat Source : Electric
Ligne esthétique : Création
Couleur : Inox
Main cavity type : Email
Dimensions du four
Poids (Kg) : 36.0
Volume du four (l) : 71.0
Bandeau de commandes
Function display
Modes de cuisson
Oven Cleaning : Catalyse
Gradins numérotés
2 lèchefrites normales
1 grille
Conseils de sécurité
Ventilation périphérique de refroidissement : Oui
Nombre de verres (porte du four) : 3
FoursBread And Pizza
Bread And Pizza

The innovative ventilation circulates heat in all directions, top, down, right to left, spreading it uniformly over every point in the internal cavity. Electronic control limits termperature fluctuations to a minimum, thus enabling High Definition cooking in any position, on any level in the oven

FoursMultiflow Heat Technology
Multiflow Heat Technology

With Mulitiflow Technology, a new style of convection system creates an all-enveloping heat flow which drives heat into every inch of the oven cavity for consistently even, delicious dishes every time – whichever shelf you're using. Ideal for ensuring perfectly risen cakes and breads, as well as uniform cooking of your favourite dishes.